Ladyfest is looking for soloist musicians or bands performing according to the Do It Yourself spirit to be part of the festival with their voices and instruments.

Ladyfest’s mission is to emphasize and highlight the role of women as creative agents in music. It is not a requisite that the band is mostly composed of women, but it is valuable. More than sex or gender of those who want to play, performers shall be selected according to their DIY attitude, which is the main approach in all activities and actions that are part of this event, but mostly it is essential to have a non-sexist and feminist stance.

We want the forthcoming Ladyfest Madrid 2010 to be a sample of different musical styles, so this call is open to all music genres.

Since this is a non-profit and 100% DIY festival, no one gets paid for their contribution to Ladyfest. However, we would cover your needs for transportation, accommodation, materials, etc. Ladyfest is not an abstract entity, we are volunteers and our budget is very limited, so we ask for the involvement and understanding of the artists, but in exchange we will try to make you feel comfortable and have a good time in Madrid.

Who can play at Ladyfest Madrid 2010?
Soloist musicians and bands playing all musical styles, from anywhere in the world.

Where are you playing?
The selected bands or soloist musicians will perform during the month of April 2010 in different venues in Madrid who are yet to be confirmed.

What should I do to be part of Ladyfest Madrid 2010?
Send your information by email:
1. Name of the band / performer
2. Who and how many people are part of the band
3. Why do you want to play at Ladyfest? (Essential)
4. Link to a website where we can listen or download a sample of your creations. If you have no material posted on the internet, you can send your music in another format to a postal address we will provide you once you’ve contacted by email.
5. Technical rider. What could you bring with you? What do you need Ladyfest to provide you? What could you share with other bands?
6. Estimated costs of transportation and if you need accommodation during your stay in Madrid.
7. Contact full name, email and phone number.

Please send your submission by email to infoladyfest[at] with the subject heading “Ladyfest Madrid music submission”.

15th of February 2010

For any question or suggestion write to infoladyfest[at]



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